Web Colour Picker

I have written a web colour picker CGI script that will give you sets of colours that match your original choice via various matching schemes and will optionally map them into the web-safe pallette.


A handy Script for Macintosh Lightwave, LWChecker, it will read one or more scene files (LW5.6 only: L6.5 comes with ConMan, which, to my great delight, obsoletes this script and does a vast amount more to boot. Laziness pays.) that you drag and drop on it, and output a list of files with full paths that the scene file will require to render.

Caveat: It will not list any images that are used in surfacing objects, as those are saved in the object files. Since object files are binary, they are a bit more of a challenge to parse, I will add this functionality eventually (here is where laziness paid off, I waited long enough and NewTek did it for me), whenever I can find a couple days to devote to it.

If it seems to miss something, send me a scene file with the info it missed and I can add that functionality in.

2 versions:

Just the script, this will only work if you have MacPerl installed on your system:

Download 10K binhex file

A Standalone Executable, so it is quite a bit larger:

Download 892K binhex file