This is a piece that I am currently working on in my spare time, I plan to document it here as I go along with it.

Eventually the final piece will be put up on this site as well as being on my reel.

Without further ado, here it is...

The Idea, A work in progress.

Basic Premise: An artist gets an idea that escapes from him, he chases it, captures it and loses it again.

More detailed idea:

  • He is a blocked artist, hasn't painted in months, unable to get inspired.
  • He gets an idea, the idea doesn't want to be an idea, it wants to be a lightbulb.
  • The idea runs away from him, he chases it and finally catches it.
  • The idea pretends to burn out, he places it aside.
  • The idea comes back to life later, he notices this and realizes that it is merely a lightbulb and doesn't want to be an idea. He puts in his bedside lamp (use a Pixar style Luxo lamp) and goes back to thinking.
This is the basic idea right now, it will no doubt evolve throughout the course of the production as I work on the ideas and characterization.

Next Question: How do you make a lightbulb act? It can change shape, bend around, change brightness and the colour of the light that it casts.

Is this enough to give it personality? I hope so, or this whole idea is going to be a big flop.

The story is just about finalized and I have actually begun modeling the guy to the right, I have the nose just about right and am working on the rest of the facial structure right now. I will have pictures posted of the model once I have something decent to show.

I also have a model of the lightbulb, and a preliminary animation of it (will be online soon).

Storyboards - They're done now. Each of the following thumbnails links to a larger version (in case you can't make out the detail in my little 100 pixel wide GIFs).

1. Blank White Screen, Titles painted, then wiped off. Pull back to this shot 2. Go to this shot, door slamming sound
3. our artist comes in, puts bag on counter, goes to chair, sits , stares at blank canvas and settles into thinker pose 4. continues thinking fingers tapping etc. finally gets an idea.
5. cut to c/u of bulb 6. bulb is frightened/surprised and then leaps away
7. pull/cut back to head shot, artist does a take on the bulb 8. cut to shot of bulb diligently hopping away
9. another take, runs after bulb 10. nabs bulb
11. full body shot, walking proudly back to chair 12. screws bulb back in
13. bulb burns out 14. he looks up at bulb, bulb falls to floor, he wilts into depressed pose
15. bulb tentatively lights up a bit, seems to snicker a little 16. slow look around, them surprised double take on snickering bulb
17. he picks up the bulb, contemplates it pensively, the bulb flickers a bit like it is trying to communicate, a look of understanding crosses his face and he nods a couple of times 18. he puts the bulb in his bedside lamp, turns the lamp on, returns to his chair and settles into the thinker pose again

fade to black, roll credits

This is the story so far, look for more information, test renders, and, eventually, the final product right here.

Comments? Ideas? Criticism? Suggestions? Email me, I'll be happy to hear from you.

-Alex Spencer
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