A second album has been recorded, look for it here soon.

I did a video with my friend Mike during the summer of 2002, It is short and humourous. It is the story of an ill-fated astronaut involved in a terrible accident.
The Video is entitled Spaceman Rag, the music (a catchy little rag) was composed by Mike.
It requires Quicktime. It is in MPEG-4 format and 11.1 Megs.
Watch it.

Mike and I also did an album the same week we did the video (it was a busy vacation). The album tells the story of the intrepid-if-dim Kenneth and the evil (or possibly just very misunderstood) Galbraith the Magnificent. Kenneth proceeds to save the world with the help of Professor Snodgrass.
Colour commentary provided by Tex & McGraw.
The album is available as a series of MP3 files here.

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